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Systematic Reviews, a Guide: Managing Citations

What are Citation Managers

For more information on the citation managers we support on this campus, go to the Citation Manager portal.

Structure Example in EndNote

Citation Managers

Organizing, managing, and keeping accurate citation numbers is essential for reproducibility of your work. A citation manager will assist you in this process. To choose between a variety of free web-based and paid computer based citation manager software, please view our Citation Manager Guide. There may be additional citation managers available; which citation manager to use is your preference, but use one you and your team are familiar with to ensure accuracy and ease of use. 

PRISMA calls for a detailed methodology which includes precise retrieval and retention numbers.  An option to organize your citation managers is:

  • PubMed Total
    • PubMed Yes
    • PubMed No
    • PubMed Maybe
  • CINAHL Total
    • CINAHL Yes
    • CINAHL No
    • CINAHL Maybe
  • Web of Science Total
    • Web of Science Yes
    • Web of Science No
    • Web of Science Maybe
  • Next database (continue for each database searched) Total
    • Next database Yes
    • Next database No
    • Next database Maybe
  • Databases Combine
  • Databases Deduped (automatic "find duplicates" functions can remove citations from all folders. Best to hand remove duplicates from this folder)

The above is just one example.

Example of the Systematic Review Process