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Federal Agency Public Access Compliance

A Research Guide summarizing the Federal public access policies resulting from the US Office of Science and Technology Policy memorandum of February 2013.

Implementation Timeline: USAID

Publications Implementation: Not specified

Data Implementation: October 2014


Compliance Monitoring: USAID

Compliance monitoring: Not specified.

Notes regarding compliance:

  • Should USAID staff or implementing partners submit a Dataset to a publicly accessible research database, they are not required to submit the data to the DDL.
  • If the data is made available in a publicly accessible research database, USAID staff or implementing partners must submit a notice to the DDL, providing details on where and how to access the data. They must submit this notice to the DDL no later than when the data are ready to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, or no later than five calendar days prior to the conclusion of the award, whichever occurs earlier.


Publication and Data Repositories: USAID

Publication Repository: Not specified.

Data Repository: Development Data Library (DDL)

  • The Development Data Library (DDL) is the Agency’s repository of USAID-funded, machine readable data created or collected by the Agency and its implementing partners. Datasets and supporting documentation created or collected directly by USAID Operating Units or under USAID funded awards must be submitted for inclusion in the DDL.



What is the embargo period for publications and datasets?

12 months for datasets. USAID may embargo, or temporarily withhold from public release for a reasonable period (e.g. 12 months), a Dataset resulting from federally funded research while the Dataset is the subject of a pending publication or pending patent application.


Where can I find the full Public Access Policy?

Does this agency require a data management plan (DMP)?

Not specified.


How do I comply with the public access policy and submit a publication?

Not specified.