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Federal Agency Public Access Compliance

A Research Guide summarizing the Federal public access policies resulting from the US Office of Science and Technology Policy memorandum of February 2013.

Implementation Timeline: SI

Publications Implementation: October 2015

The Smithsonian Institution’s plan to provide increased public access to certain peer-reviewed scholarly publications and supporting digital research data that arise from research funded, in whole or in part, by a federal funding source is effective as of October 1, 2015; only Federally Funded Research Materials submitted for publication on or after the effective date shall be covered.

Data Implementation: October 2015

For covered publications that are submitted to publishers that require the author(s) to submit supporting digital research data with the manuscript, that supporting digital research data will be collected and be made available in SRO or in an approved external, community-supported (e.g., Dryad Digital Repository) or discipline-specific (e.g., GenBank) repository, or via CHORUS if published by a CHORUS Publisher Member. 


Compliance Monitoring: SI

The Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press will track and report Smithsonian-wide compliance.

Publication of Federally Funded Research Materials in an established open access journal or periodical that makes the final publication available immediately, without embargo, is considered compliant under this plan.


Publication and Data Repositories: SI

Publication Repository:  Smithsonian Research Online (SRO) or Smithsonian approved repository

Data Repository:  Smithsonian Research Online (SRO) or Smithsonian approved repository

Smithsonian Research Online (SRO) is the Institution’s primary repository for Federally Funded Research Materials (FFRM) and is managed by Smithsonian Libraries. SRO will permanently archive all final accepted manuscripts and supporting digital research data submitted under this plan. After embargo, SRO will link to publisher websites for FFRM published by CHORUS Publisher Members. All FFRM deposited in SRO that is not made available to read, analyze, and download via CHORUS Publisher Members will be available at SRO for the public to read, analyze, and download. 



What is the embargo period for publications and datasets?

The Smithsonian will use a twelve-month post-publication embargo period as a guideline and will determine alternate embargo periods based on discipline, negotiated publisher agreements, and/or demonstrated special circumstances. Demonstrated special circumstances that prevent materials from being made publicly available after publication date and embargo may include, for example, restrictions arising from copyright, privacy, contract, or other “allowable restriction categories” contained in Smithsonian Directive 609 – Digital Asset Access and Use.


Where can I find the full Public Access Policy?

Does this agency require a data management plan (DMP)?

Yes. Data management plans required for digital projects in accordance with Smithsonian Directive 610 – Digitization and Digital Asset Management Policy shall acknowledge the requirement to make supporting digital research data available.


How do I comply with the public access policy and submit a publication?

Smithsonian will utilize two principal public access systems, one internal and one external: Smithsonian Research Online (SRO; and Clearinghouse for Open Research of the United States (CHORUS;