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Citation Managers: Mendeley

Getting Mendeley


The links below connect you to numerous vidoes on using Mendeley: e.g., getting started, importing documents, organizing your library, create and use groups, generating citations (bibliographies) and many more.

Why Use Mendeley?

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Mendeley is a bibliographic citation manager that can be accessed on the web using any browser or
downloaded as a desktop client that is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux PCs. You can also view your reference library, including attached documents, on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Mendeley may be installed on multiple computers and devices for easy access to your library. The web and desktop versions are meant to be used in conjunction with each other.

Mendeley is also an academic social networking tool.

Configuring Mendeley for UW-Madison

At this time, Mendeley does not allow for the use of link resolvers on its web or desktop versions. To get full text of an article you find when searching Mendeley, you should search for it using resources from the UW-Madison Library (databases, catalog, etc).

Getting Started

To get the most from Mendeley, you will need to use both the desktop and web versions together.  

First, go to, register for an account and download the desktop version.

Next, Set Options

From Desktop client, Select Tools --> Options.

Link the desktop client to your web account by entering your Mendeley account information (email and password).
Click on the File Organizer tab to set where you want the PDFs and other documents stored on your computer.

Install the Web Importer (can be done from either the web or desktop versions)

From Desktop client:

Select Tools --> Install Web Importer.

This will install a plug-in to your browser for adding references from databases and websites.


From the My Library tab, click on the Web Importer and follow instructions

Install the MS Word plugin (from desktop version only)

This will allow you to insert citations as you are writing and create bibliographies in a variety of output styles. Note that this can only be done using the desktop client.

Select Tools --> Install MS Word plug-in.

Once installed, within Word, choose the References tab to see the Mendeley toolbar.