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Research Data Management for Health Sciences

UW-Madison Repositories


MINDS@UW is the University of Wisconsin’s institutional repository, intended to capture, archive, and provide access to scholarship originating from campus researchers of any discipline. It is supported by the UW Libraries and free for all UW-affiliated researchers to use. While a wide variety of file formats are supported, this platform is best suited to handling text-based formats.

Data & Information Service Center (DISC)

DISC provides quantitative, numeric microdata for researchers and students conducting secondary analysis in the social sciences. For DISC users not familiar with statistical software, we have an array of data products with menu-based interfaces.

Longitudinal surveys, macroeconomic indicators, election studies, population studies, socialization patterns, poverty measures, labor force participation, public opinion polls, education and health data, and census data comprise the scope of the collection.

External Repositories

Public Library of Science Recommendations

PLOS requires that authors comply with field-specific standards for preparation and recording of data and select repositories appropriate to their field, for example deposition of microarray data in ArrayExpress or GEO; deposition of gene sequences in GenBank, EMBL or DDBJ; and deposition of ecological data in Dryad. Authors are encouraged to select repositories that meet accepted criteria as trustworthy digital repositories.

NIH Data Sharing Repositories

A list of NIH-supported data repositories that make data accessible for reuse. Most accept submissions of appropriate data from NIH-funded investigators (and others), but some restrict data submission to only those researchers involved in a specific research network. Registry of Research Data Repositories

A more comprehensive list of research data repositories covering all disciplines (not just health sciences)