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Research Data Management for Health Sciences

The Basics of Sharing Data

Why Share Research Data?

  • encourages scientific enquiry and debate 
  • promotes innovation and potential new data uses
  • leads to new collaborations between data users and data creators 
  • maximizes transparency and accountability
  • enables scrutiny of research findings 
  • encourages the improvement and validation of research methods 
  • reduces the cost of duplicating data collection 
  • increases the impact and visibility of research 
  • promotes the research that created the data and its outcomes 
  • can provide a direct credit to the researcher as a research output in its own right 
  • provides important resources for education and training

How to Share Data

  • deposit with a specialist data center or repository 
  • submit to a journal to support a publication
  • publish a data paper to describe your data in a discoverable way
  • deposit in an institutional repository
  • make available online via a project or institutional website 
  • make available informally between researchers on a peer-to-peer basis