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Current Awareness Tools - RSS & Beyond

Stay on top of the professional literature and other resources using tools and techniques that save time and effort.

RSS Feed Reader Alternatives

If you are a Google Reader refugee, or are just new to RSS, there are a number of alternatives for you:


If none of those suit your fancy check try this List of RSS Feed Readers/Aggregators or check out the WikiPedia Comparison of feed aggregators page.


Feedly is our new top recommendation for an RSS feed reader. It supports most of the features that Google Reader had and has recently been made available as a web service (it used to be a browser plugin). They also offer an enhanced Pro version for a nominal fee (the main application will remain free). Information is available at the Feedly home page.

In addition to the web version there are also iOS and Android standalone apps. More detailed information on the mobile version is available at their website. 

Instructional videos are available at Vimeo, and there is a Feedly announcements blog as well as a Twitter account for support.

Feed Your Mind On The Go from Feedly on Vimeo.

Current Awareness Apps

While not exactly RSS readers, there are several dedicated apps on the market to help you stay on top of the journal literature and other scholarly information. In addition to the raw tables of contents they offer other services and/or functionality.

BrowZine is an app for iPads and Android tablets that lets you browse, read and monitor many scholarly journals available to UW-Madison affiliates. More information is available at our Browzine FAQ page.

Read by QxMD is "a single place to discover new research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed". Its available for a variety of devices and covers about a dozen medical specialties.

docphin is a free app for iPad, iPhone, Android and Web billed as "the best way to keep up with medical research". It has an integrated institutional login function to allow access to full text PDFs, the Medstream news service, and powerful search features to find the articles you need quickly and efficiently.

DocWire "seamlessly collects all your favorite Medical Journals and News into one place so you no longer have to maintain multiple apps to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.  DocWire also features Today Screen Access and customized Alerts to ensure you’ll always be in the know."

Omnio is "Designed with the healthcare professional’s clinical workflow in mind, Omnio gives you quick and easy access to important and relevant medical information."