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Citation Managers: Inserting Citations & Creating Bibliographies

Install MS Word Plugin (Mendeley Cite-o-Matic)

Open Mendeley desktop with MS Word closed. 

From the Tools menu, select Install MS Word Plugin.

Insert Citations & Create Bibliographies

Once you have installed the MS Word plugin (Mendeley Cite-o-Matic), you can insert citations while writing.  Mendeley offers over 1000 output styles. You can also create your own.

To insert citations into your Word document:

  • Open the desktop client.
  • Open Word
  • When you are ready to insert a citation, put your cursor where you want to insert, then:
    • Select the References tab and click Insert Citation from the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic area. Ener the author's name in the box that opens. Highlight the citation you want to insert. Click OK. 
    • Select the Output style you want from the Style: dropdown menu
  • When you are ready to create a bibliography, click on Insert Bibliography.