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Citation Managers: Organizing References

Organizing References Using Groups

References can be placed into Groups (folders) that you create and name.

To create a group:

  1. Click on Manage my Groups under the Organize tab
  2. Click on New Group
  3. Enter a new group name and click OK
  4. The new group should appear in the My Groups column and in My Groups under the My References tab

To rename or delete a group

  1. In Manage My Groups choose Rename
  2. Enter the new name and click OK or select Delete and OK

To add references to a group

  1. In My References select your references
  2. At the Add to group... drop down menu choose your group
  3. Or, open the individual reference and click on the arrow beside Groups: and select the required group
  4. Or, when entering a new reference click on the arrow beside Groups: and select the required group

Finding Duplicates

You can check your library for duplicates at any time by clicking Find Duplicates under the Organize tab. Any reference identified as a duplicate will have a yellow background. You can quickly select the Duplicates checkbox for all the references with the yellow background or select them individually then click on Delete.

When using Find Duplicates, EndNote Web compares references based on the following fields:

  • Author
  • Year
  • Title
  • Reference Type